Want to experience the austerely beautiful life of the Byzantine monks in the Balkan Mountains? Spend a week in the restorative spas on beautiful northern Italian lakes? Or even explore the Czech and Slovakian villages that are home to the development of modern puppetry? Let your imagination lead you to an unforgettable travel opportunity.

In short, you come up with the idea, and our staff takes over with the logistical details. Travel to a single destination, or let us plan a detailed itinerary complete with transportation, accommodations, and suggested activities. Perhaps we can offer a river cruise or train journey that meets your specific cultural or culinary interests. We provide suggestions and support for single-site settings up to multi-site, land and water explorations

What sets us apart from other travel companies are three key elements:

  • Rapid response time 24/7 and commitment to lowest prices and best values
  • Proven direct local contacts to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information;
  • A commitment to partnership and communication on all levels.

What is your ultimate dream destination? Your dream vacation and passion? 

Do you have a hobby, activity, interest or desire that you like to share and do with others? 

Let’s combine these and travel the world at the same time, individually or as a part of a group!

Wander off to places that you have dreamed of for years! Life is way to short to miss out, do not put off until later day or year. The time is now!

Let us put together the trip of your dreams, be that a simple trip to a destination and explore and sightsee on your own, or a detailed plan step by step itinerary with ground transportation (car, train, motorcoach), accommodations (hotels, resorts, home stays, home rentals) and variety of activities there. Or take a cruise to many wonderful places where you are pampered day and night and your cost is guaranteed. Valuable advantage in today’s uncertain times.

For an individual FIT to families or groups of a 100 or more. We have experience and proven contacts to stretch your travel dollar go as far as possible worldwide. Be that a trip around the United States or an international trip from London, Paris, Bangkok, Shanghai, Auckland to Dushanbe. 

We have the knowledge, experience and direct local contacts to make your trip the best ever. We speak the local language which does make a difference and is very helpful at times.

We are here to assist in any way and looking forward to your inquiry.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Fast response to your needs
  • Maximum dependency, proven record
  • Straight forward, clear communication
  • Working together to find the best situations at the lowest cost
Realize your dreams, do it today, we are here to make it happen!

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Wander off to places that you have dreamed of for years! Life is way to short to miss out, do not put off until later day or year. The time is now!
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